Where are the games on Mobymax?

Where are the games on Mobymax? After you sign in to your teacher account, click “Engagement” in the left sidebar. Click the “Games” button.

How do you play games on Mobymax? 

  1. After signing in to your teacher account, select “Curriculum.”
  2. Select a subject module.
  3. Click “Assign” near the top of the page.
  4. Click “Start Team Game.” on the sidebar to the left.
  5. Click the “Start New Game” button.
  6. Select the checkbox next to the students you would like to participate, and click “Next.”

Does BrainPOP Jr have games? provides fun educational games that challenge students to apply what they learn on various topics. To access the games offered you can click on the “Game Up” tab. There are a variety of different games/topics that they can choose from.

Is BrainPOP still a thing? BrainPOP was founded in 1999 by Dr. Avraham Kadar as a creative way to explain difficult concepts to his young patients. Today, we’re a trusted learning resource supporting core and supplemental subjects, reaching millions of learners worldwide.

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What does BrainPOP cost?

Families pay $119 a year or $14.95 a month for access to BrainPOP Jr.; homeschooling families, schools, and other organizations pay — and get access to — more.

Is BrainPOP free for students?

Recognizing the enormous impact this situation has on a school community, we are offering free, unlimited use of BrainPOP to any school, anywhere, that is closed due to the coronavirus during the period of their closure.

What is the latest BrainPOP movie?

In BrainPOP’s new movie, Reconstruction, students can follow Tim and Moby as they learn about the attempt to rebuild the South and reunite the country in the wake of the Civil War.

Is BrainPOP any good?

BrainPop is a great app that kids love. It has interactive, educational videos and games on a variety of subjects such as history, math, health, and English. The topics fit a large range of students from elementary through even high school. Some of the material is free, but some requires a paid subscription.

Is there a free version of BrainPOP?

Try BrainPOP Free

Sign up for our Free Stuff and gain access to a curated selection of movies, quizzes, interactive concept maps, learning games, and more! Fill out the form so that we can provide you with an experience tailored to your needs. Look out for an email containing your access key.

How is BrainPOP used in the classroom?

BrainPOP is a great way to introduce a new topic or concept and get kids engaged. To set students up for active viewing, remember to pause the movies and engage kids when a new vocabulary word is introduced, paraphrase what just happened, or make a prediction.

What is wrong with BrainPOP?

Parents upset over BrainPop video

The debate centers around a video about the Black Lives Matter movement. More than 100 parents had strong opinions about why racial sensitivity needs to be taught inside schools. Others argued the curriculum was too mature and politically charged for their children.

Is BrainPOP a full curriculum?

It’s worth noting that BrainPOP is not an out-of-the-box curriculum and is meant to supplement and support the study or exploration of topics and skills. Additionally, many standards are addressed in multiple grade levels, but at different depths.

Why did BrainPOP get rid of Tim?

After years of speculation, the man/robot duo Tim and Moby, famous for videos loved by overly ambitious elementary schoolers, have publicly announced their status as a gay couple.

How does BrainPOP make money?

Revenue is produced by either directly selling the data to outsiders or by leveraging it for internal reasons, such as increasing the efficacy of advertising.

Did they replace Tim on BrainPOP?

There is a BrainPOP Jr. section, which is for younger children, and features many expies of the main site’s characters. Instead of Tim, the main character of the series is a young girl named Annie.

How old is Ben from BrainPOP?

Ben is the main character of BrainPOP ELL and one of the few people to understand Moby. Ben may be Age 13-15. He is a clumsy and noisy person, but he has also been shown to be very considerate and kind.

How did Tim meet Moby?

He first met Tim in a giant smoking crater which could mean he got to Earth by asteroid or comet, as implied in the movie Writing Process. It is also possible he came to Earth in a rocket during the early Stone Age and lived in his rocket until it exploded thus making the crater.

Is BrainPOP Jr free?

BrainPOP Jr. is a free educational games portal that will suit the classroom learning environment or will do well to support extended learning at home.

How much does BrainPOP make a year?

BrainPOP Jobs by Salary
Job Title Range Average
Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer Range:$54k – $114k (Estimated *) Average:$77,665
Accounting Associate Range:$41k – $69k (Estimated *) Average:$53,248
Sales Operations Analyst Range:$42k – $70k (Estimated *) Average:$53,994
Sr. Editor Range:$71k – $133k (Estimated *) Average:$94,453

Why do you want to work at BrainPOP?

In addition to offering a comprehensive benefits package and putting an emphasis on work-life balance, BrainPOP makes it a point to have a lot of fun. They are also committed to diversity and inclusion, and welcome people of all backgrounds to the BrainPOP family.

Who are the characters in BrainPOP?

This printable has images of the four BrainPOP ELL characters: Ed, Nikki, Moby, and Ben.

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